Each Year, During A Week in January, We… 

have been hosting a ‘Gospel Meeting’  to reach out to locals and the many RV’ers in the area.  Approximately 1 million RV’ers come to Quartzsite to attend the large RV Show and the Rock & Gem Show. Our mission is to reach out to all with the Gospel who are in the area.

Our 2019 Gospel Meeting was a ‘Great Success’ and now

looking forward to 2020 Meeting.

Arial photo of Quartzsite, AZ each January - population 1 million

Quartzsite church of Christ

 Jan 19th – 26th, 2020

2020 Gospel Meeting

“Is This It?”

Is there more to life than this.?

Please make plans to be with us in 2020

10 AM on Sunday and 6 PM Each evening Monday –  Friday.

Different speakers for each service.

This will our 10h Year for our Gospel Meeting.