A History of the church of Christ in 

Quartzsite, Arizona

To the best of our knowledge, Christian winter visitors (Snowbirds)  began meeting for worship in one of their garages about thirty years ago.

No one can remember his name, but a preacher from the Midwest came to sell his vending wares in this area about that time.  He and a few other Christians continued to meet and worship each winter season. Some time later, another preacher and his wife who sold Whites’ Metal Detectors began meeting with  the group. Eventually, this small group of Christians began to rent the Senior Center on Moon Mt. Road for one hour on Sunday morning for worship, which continued until 2007.

Brother Myron Nelson was involved in the work, helping to find different speakers among the snowbirds to bring lessons and assist with the Lord’s work. Brother Myron also convinced Brother Victor Martinez to come down from Parker to preach and teach during a couple of the months of the RV season (November through April).

About 2004 another wonderful blessing came to Quartzsite in the form of Brother Wendell and Sister Joann Seawright. Wendell, a graduate from the Sunset School of Preaching in 1968,  had been preaching while working a secular job. After his retirement,  Wendell began preaching for the Quartzsite congregation and has continued, for the last 10 years (2004-2014) doing so without taking any pay for his work. Since 2014 Gerald Molzahn has been doing most of the preaching during the winter months. This summer (2017) Bill Long has been doing the preaching.

During the 2008-2009 winter season, the decision was made to purchase almost one acre in town.  Already on this property at 76 S. Emelia Ave were two trailers, a double wide and a single wide.  The double wide now serves as a meeting place for fellowship in worship. The single wide has a small kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, washer and has been used to accommodate temporary visitors.

RV season we have had as many as 126 in attendance on Sunday morning.  During the month of January, Quartzsite welcomes a large RV show, a Big Tent Show, and a Rock and Gem Show which for the season draws approx. 1 ½ million visitors to the area. The area also has many ATV trails and is a wonderful place to ride and explore the beautiful desert and abandoned mines. The cacti are plentiful and vary in species. Quartzsite boasts more guitars than Nashville, and a musical jam can be attended every day or night.

Due to this large number of souls gathered in this area for these various events, it was decided in 2009 to begin holding an annual Gospel Meeting during the most populous time. Most of the time the Gospel Meeting is held the week before the RV Show which is held during the 3rd week of January.  Speakers have been selected from the several retired preachers and teachers that have made Quartzsite their winter home. We advertise in the local papers, on the radio, and with signs and flyers to encourage attendance.

One future goal is to continue to reach out to the spiritually lost who live in the area year-round and encourage the faithful to keep on keeping on with the Lord’s work in Quartzsite and at their home bases.

For more information please contact Vern Miebach at  vern@peak.org or Noel Teague at     Noelteague@gmail.com or Gerald Molzahn  geraldm67@gmail.com

We believe the future the Lord has for this small congregation is bright and we encourage your prayers as well as your help with the Lord’s Work in QuartzsiteWe would love to have you join us in this exciting work, so plan now to come South next winter and be a part of a good and exciting work for our God!